Tighe just did a good job not getting taken to value town by Liperis moments ago.

Having peeled Ad 8d from the big blind (Liperis having raised to 125,000 from the cut-off with pocket tens) – he was always going to lose some chips on the 8h 2s 2c board, check-calling Liperis’ 103,000 c-bet.

The Jh on the turn saw Tighe check once more – making a suspicious call with his second pair.

Come the 2d river, Tighe put in his third check and Liperis looked to extract maximum value – firing out 415,000.

Tighe had a long think about this – his hand was relatively strong on this board texture. Finally though he felt confident enough that he wasn’t good to throw his hand away – a great decision that saved him a chunk of chips.



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