With only a month to go until the MPNPT @ Battle of Malta Festival, here are our recommendations for those who are keen to explore Malta, the largest island in an archipelago in the Mediterranean.

Let’s start with the climate. Malta’s weather in October can be difficult to predict, as it’s strongly influenced by the sea and the winds from Africa. It can be sunny and dry or a little wet, but the good news is that the average temperature is between 20-25°C. The typical sea temperature in October is 24°C, which you’ll find is perfectly warm enough for swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving.


You don’t need to worry if it rains, as your hotel booking at the InterContinental Hotel, The H Hotel or Holiday Inn Express is downtown, a few minutes from the nightlife hub of Malta. Bars, cinemas, clubs and restaurants surround this area, which sounds great, right?

The €1,000,000 guaranteed Main Event will surely keep you busy, but take your time and enjoy yourself as you explore the treasures of Malta.


Visiting Valletta
Valletta is the capital of Malta, built by the Grand Master Jean de Valette after the Victory of The Great Siege of Malta in 1565. This year, Valletta became the ‘European Capital of Culture’, slowly bring Valletta back to life after years of the city being one of the least populated capital cities in the world. You can do a walking tour of Valletta, visiting St. John’s Co-Cathedral, which houses Caravaggio’s painting of the beheading of St. John the Baptist. The exterior of the cathedral might seem like nothing special, but inside it is utterly stunning.

Going on a boat tour of the Grand Harbour
You can go on a boat tour of the Grand Harbour in the late afternoon and then visit Valetta, heading down Strait Street and checking out some of the high-end cocktail bars and restaurants. You will love the atmosphere there; the streets are littered with people chatting or listening to live music.

Sailing around the Maltese islands
There is no better way to appreciate the beauty of the Maltese coastline than from the vantage point of a boat. You can charter a yacht or a boat and spend some time out at sea on the beautiful blue Mediterranean Sea.

Sightseeing the South of Malta
Take a trip and visit some of the world’s oldest remaining temples, the little caves in Blue Grotto with their vibrant blue waters and pink corals, and Marsaxlokk the fishing village and market. We’re sure you’ll get back to the hotel with loads of amazing photos on your phone.

Discovering the beautiful Mdina
Mdina was built by the Phoenicians around the 8th century and later belonged to the Romans during the Byzantine/Arab occupation of Malta. The former capital of Malta is situated on a very old site were the first settlers in Malta lived. Today it’s called the ‘Silent City’, as virtually no cars are allowed there.

Visiting Gozo, Malta’s sister island
According to locals, this is greenest, quietest and most beautiful place where you can eat the best fresh fish. Did you know that this is where Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt filmed By the Sea?

Tasting the special local drinks and foods is a MUST.
You’ll never visit McDonald’s again after trying these out!


  • Cisk Beer – the most popular lager among the locals and the foreigners
  • Pastizzi – a traditional savoury pastry from Malta
  • Kinnie – a bittersweet carbonated soft drink brewed from bitter oranges and extracts of wormwood
  • Twisties – a type of cheese curl, corn-based snack
  • Ftira – a ring-shaped Maltese bread
  • Rabbit and snails – need we say more?


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