Events from our 2018 season:

The Morocco Festival (January 2018)
Bratislava Festival (April 2018)
Sunny Beach Festival  (July 2018)
MPNPT @ Battle of Malta (October 2018)

Events from our 2017 season:

Tallinn Festival (October 2017)
Manchester Festival (July 2017)
Malta Festival (April 2017)
Vienna Festival (January 2017)

Events from our 2016 season:

Vienna Festival (January 2016)
Sofia Festival (April 2016)
Tallin Festival (August 2016)
Morocco Festival (November 2016)

Events from our 2015 season:

Tallinn – January 15-18 2015
Tbilisi Festival (May 2015)
Dublin Festival (September 2015)

Events from our 2014 season:

Malta Festival (September 2014)
MPN Poker Tour London Festival


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