Wow, that was officially the fastest MPNPT heads up ever!

The very first hand saw Alex Hendriks limp in with Qd 2s on the button, and Jussi Mattila check his Kh 4c in the big blind. They saw a flop.

Flop: Qh 4h 2h

Mattila checked his pair of fours and king-high flush draw to Hendriks, who bet a modest 190k with his two pair, queens and deuces. Back to Mattila, who went all in; and then back to Hendriks, who called. Then it was all over.

Turn: 5d

River: not a four or a heart either, but instead the 9s

With that, Mattila picks up €1,200 in addition to the €19,700 he was already assured following the three-way ICM chop, while the extra €5,000, the trophy, and the eternal glory go to Hendriks.


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