It’s rare that a player finds a completely obstacle-free climb up the counts and Hills just took a small downswing in his chip rise.

Holding [Qc][9c] Hills three-bet an opening 75,000 raise to 205,000 – only for Di Romualdo Tziano  to shove his 385,000 stack into the middle behind. The OR folded but Hill was priced in to call and did so with [Qc][9c].

He was in bad shape versus Tziano’s  [9s][9c] and despite pushing forward his live card – the [Qc] – he failed to spike any way out over the [Ts 6h Ks][7d][2d] board and was left handing over chips. A very survivable dent in Hills’ still circa 4 million stack but a crucial pot for Tziano – who screamed “YES!” in delight at the double up to 900,000….


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