It’s been a great performance from Andy Hills but finally his tournament has drawn to a close.

Exits are always painful and this one will hurt – Erik Ostergaard shoving for 11M chips with [Ac][6c] and Andy Hills making a good call with [Jd Js]

What happened next was odd. The board ran out [Qs][3h][8c][3c][Qc] and Ostergaard and the dealer and his fans all thought he had lost the pot. He was handing over his stack and getting ready to potentially leave when it was pointed out that he had a flush. The transformation for Ostergaard was extreme.

He whizzed around the tournament arena like a balloon with a hole in it. He kissed Abdallah and generally celebrated like a wildman – his arms out like a plane as he ran around in circles. All rather strange but also very entertaining!

The upshot was that Ostergaard reaches 20M and Andy Hills is out. Well played sir, we’ve enjoyed watching your journey. €53,000 is a great score and we will see you again soon at a final table no doubt.

Shortly after that hand, the players mentioned the possibility of a deal to flatten the structure somewhat. Negotiations begin…


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