Event #3 is over, and your winner is Mats Karlsson!

Mats made a deal with second-place finisher Maxim Rabinovitch while Maxim was the chip leader, but the final hand would have resulted in an all-in anyway, deal or no deal! Mats’ pocket aces were enough to best Maxim’s pocket sixes, all-in preflop.

Here are the full results:

Place – Name – Official Prize (Deal Prize)

1st – Mats Karlsson – €3,340 (€2,600)

2nd – Maxim Rabinovitch – €2,175 (€2,915)

3rd – Ralf Peterson – €1,560

4th – Carlos Muray – €1,060

5th – Charles Buffin – €710

6th – Nicolai Kostakis – €570

7th – Charlo Azzopardi – €445

8th – Petteri Pero – €390

9th – Julie Hanssen – €357

Thanks to everyone who played – it was a fun event with a lot of laughs and a fitting end to our stop in Malta!


What rhymes with Csaba? NOTHING. My hopes of a hilarious post title to end the Main Event blog were dashed!

The final hand was action-packed, with Paf’s Erkki Falkstedt betting out on the flop of 9-4-2 and Csaba calling. The Ace on the turn didn’t slow things down, as Erkki bet out, Csaba raised, and Erkki calling. The river 9 sealed the deal – Erkki bet, Csaba moved all-in, and Erkki called.

Erkki flipped over 9-5, for trip nines, but Csaba turned over pocket deuces for a flopped set.

Csaba takes home €15,330 for his efforts, along with the light-bending delight that is the MPNPT Main Event trophy. When he recovers from tonight’s celebrations, Erkki will be extremely happy with the €9,885 for second place.

Mads’ Rags

At a full table, A-6 offsuit is nothing better than rags, but three-handed it can seem like a monster. That’s how Mads Bertelsen got all-in with his A-6 and was called by Csaba Malnai’s A-9. The flop of A-T-T left…

Petri Ditched

Pokeihuone player Petri Arola is out after moving all-in preflop against Paf qualifier Erkki Falkstedt. Petri held KQ of diamonds against Erkki’s 22. The flop of J-T-6 gave Erkki a sweat, but the 7 on the turn and 2 on…

Dinner for Four

It’s dinner time, and Paf qualifier Erkki Falkstedt from Finland is our chip leader, with approximately 1,235,000 in chips. He’s up against Petri Arola, also from Finland, who has 620,000; Hungarian Csaba Malnai, with 350,000; and Mads Bertelsen, with 473,000.…

Matt Falls Flat

Stan James player Matthew Adams has been eliminated in 5th place, winning €3,410. Matthew had been ground down a bit since the last break, and finally pushed in with AQ only to be facing the pocket kings of Paf qualifier…

Puk Out

Paf qualifier Erkki Falkstedt from Finland raised preflop from the button, and Puk Nabuurs called. The flop came J-T-6, and when Puk checked Erkki bet enough to cover Puk. After a little thought, Puk called and showed K-Q, giving him…

Olof Orn Owned

On a turn of 7-A-Q-3, Mads bet and Olof Orn called after both players checked the flop. The river was a J, putting three spades on the board. Olof checked, Mads bet big and Olof moved all in. Mads called…