Thank You London and Goodnight!

Congratulations to Peter who was the overwhelming chip leader and took top prize in the Mosh Pit (Live) side event. Raymond, Chris and John each took a share of the remaining cash in a deal.

That brings the first MPNPT Poker Festival to a conclusion. We’ll have the weekend wrap up for you soon.

Another 3-way all-in

Peter#2 shoved all-in UTG holding KcJc Houssein re-shoved all-in holding QsQh Chip leader Peter had to call over 90k… and he did! Holding 4s4c The flop seems to be favouring our chip leader. 4hKh3h. Houssein had hopes of a flush…

Mosh Pit Final Table

Ladies and gentlemen please welcome Peter, Vivian, Richard, John, Chris, Duke, “Raymond” *, Peter2, Houssein and Dave to the final table of the Mosh Pit (live) side event. S1  Peter – 380k S2  Vivian – 65k S3  Richard – 150k…