Memories of Dublin

With the MPNPT Dublin event all but a faded memory, I took a moment to reflect on a week of poker. You wouldn’t think that an airport hotel on the outskirts of Dublin would make the ideal venue for a…

Player of the Year

Estonian, Revo Kink secured his player of the year title by winning the 2 day side event, the Dublin Poker Cup. Revo’s constant string of high finishes and final tables in has been truly remarkable. His nearest qualifying contender for…


Daniel Tighe is the 2015 MPNPT Main Event Champion!! Heads up. No deal was discussed. The final hand: 5d 3h 2d on the flop. Daniel shoved holding Kd 8d and Brendan didn’t think long before calling with his open ender;…

Mark Reilly out in 7th winning €8,130
Garry McGinty, 6th with €10,845
Toni Ojala, 5th winning €13,875

Seat 1 - Mark Reilly

Seat 1 – Mark Reilly

Seat 5: Garry McGinty

Seat 5: Garry McGinty

Seat2 - Toni Ojala

Seat2 – Toni Ojala

Artan Dedusha arrived at the final table as the shortstack. He paired his Q9 on the flop but had kicker trouble when Daniel called his all-in bet with KQ. Artan is out in 9th place with €4,565 in winnings.

Chris Dowling was crippled by Brendan Birt when Brendan’s pocket 10s sucked out against KK. He shoved all-in light soon after the break holding 8c10s and again Daniel was the caller holding Q9, a dry Q high board sealed Chris’  fate, he was drawing dead on the turn. Chris departs in 8th place, winning €5,745

T3S4 - Artan Dedusha T3S5 - Chris Cummings

Final Table Time!

Here’s your final table folks! Seat 1: Mark Reilly – 810K Seat 2: Toni Ojala – 1.66 million Seat 3: Daniel Tighe – 2,28 million Seat 4: Chris Dowling – 1.6 million Seat 5: Garry McGinty – 1.8 million Seat…

Table 1:
Seat 1: Artan Dedusha – 690K
Seat 2: Brendan Birt – 1.7 million
Seat 3: Daniel Tighe – 2.5 million
Seat 4: Tommy O’Rourke – 1.2million
Seat 6: Toni Ojala – 1 million

Table 2:
Seat 2: Val Zan – 2.1 milllion
Seat 3: Philip Baker – 500K
Seat 4: Chris Dowling – 600K
Seat 5: Garry McGinty – 1.4 million
Seat 6: Mark Reilly – 3 million

Pink chips are 5,000
Yellow chips are 25,000

Average Stack 1.4 million