Theodor Steimer min-raised to 3.2k in late position, but he quickly ducked out of the way after Adlan Bachayev went all in for 6.2k from the small blind, and dinnertime chip leader Erkki Falkstedt reraised enough form the big blind to set Steimer in.

On their backs:

Bachayev: 9c-6c – well, fair enough, he only had four big blinds left
Falkstedt: throwing his chip weight around with Tc-7h which elicited a derisive noise from Steimer, although it is worth noting that he was still ahead of Bachayev

Board: a pretty decisive Td 5d Ts 6d Qh

Thus Bachayev was gone, and although it was quite difficult to ascertain exactly how many chips Falkstedt had after that (they were still all in a pile as I left the table), it was definitely still well over 150k.


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