It was an amazing run for Germany’s Philipp Anger who survived for hours at the final table despite holding the shortest stack most of the time.

Anger shouldn’t look back in anger about his run, despite taking a bad beat at the hands of chip leader Iva Lazarova to end his tournament in fifth place for €9,000.

The action folded around to Anger, who jammed for 725,000 from the button with [8s8c]. Lazarova appeared deep in thought before she called from the small blind with [Ah5d].

The advantage in the hand quickly swung from Anger to Lazarova after an ace appeared on the [QdAdKs] flop. Anger was unable to catch up the rest of the way after the [Jh] appeared on the turn [2d].

After Anger hit the rail, Lazarova’s chip lead extended further with a stack of 4.2 million in chips.

Players are now on a short unscheduled break to discuss a potential deal.


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